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Polymer Solutions for the Automotive Industry:

Rajiv Plastic Industries specializes in Formulating and Compounding all kinds of resins. This gives designers and processors the greatest flexibility providing a full range of multi purpose and resin-specific masterbatches and custom formulated pre-colored compounds.

We can "Tailor Make" and modify compounds for applications involving strength, durability, wear, environmental resistance, flame retardance, color and appearance.

Rajiv Plastic Industries works closely with major resin manufacturers, OEM development engineers and Tier I & II suppliers to develop critical compounds and masterbatches.

We guarantee excellent color dispersion and consistency. We are unique in our ability to provide color for vehicle interiors and exteriors which gives us the distinction of being a forerunner in the number of color approvals for most large Automotive OEM’s.

You will find our masterbatches and compounds in:

Passenger Cars, Trucks, Light and Heavy Commercial Vehicles:

Bumpers, Dashboards, Side Trims, Steering Wheels, Door Handles, Locks, Road Hazard Markers, Headlight back covers, Rear and Side View Mirrors, Indicators, Airconditioning Air Ducts, Radiator Fans, Internal components, Engine components, Car Batteries, etc.

Motorcycles & Scooters:

Outer Body, Mudguards, Mud Flaps, Windshields, Tail Lamps, Indicators, Headlight back covers, Speedometers, Storage Compartments, Handle bar covers, etc.

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