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At Rajiv Plastic Industries, our goal is to increase your operational effectiveness with leading edge product technology. To ensure this, we are constantly upgrading machineries, R&D equipments and test procedures. Our expertise of understanding the nature of various polymers that we process brings us to use the most sophisticated equipment that include:

  • Mega Compounders i.e. High Output Twin Screw Extruders
  • Single Screw Extruders
  • Banbury Mixers
  • Continuous Mixers
Our R&D and quality assurance laboratories have all the possible equipment any polymer testing laboratory would ever require right from the basic spectrophotometers to dispersion testers and weathering equipment. Today, RPI enjoys the technical lead that gives it an edge over competition. Aided by technologically advanced equipment, its laboratory experts research new materials, color pigments and dyes to help you produce the most economical, visually appealing and performance oriented products.

technical machines
technical machines
technical machines

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