We have been the leader in manufacturing resin specific masterbatches for engineering plastics. We now offer a revolutionary range of highly loaded masterbatches AkubatchTM . These masterbatches are specifically designed for the PET bottle industry. Whatever the application – be it for carbonated soil drinks, mineral water, dairy and yogurt drinks, condiments, oils, health and beauty products, chemicals or even pesticides.

The AkubatchTM range is a complete package for all your PET processing needs, offering you:

  • Excellent compatibility with PET
  • Colour Consistency
  • Reliability
  • Excellent Dispersability
  • Excellent economics and cost efficiency

The AkubatchTM range also includes a number of highly loaded additive packages to improve the properties and increase the life of your product and the product being packed.

We offer:

  • Antioxidents, UV Stabilizers
  • Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Scavengers
  • Flame Retardents

PET Standard Color & Additive Masterbatches

In addition to the highly loaded version i.e. Akubatch, we also offer a range of normal dosing masterbatches (0.1 – 4% addition levels) for various applications like Sheets, Fibre and Film. Many colors are available.

Additives such as Optical Brighteners, Anti-Blocks and UV for sheets are also available off the shelf.

Chain Extenders and Anti-Split Masterbatches for Recycled PET

Renew PET masterbatch series offer unmatched ability to increase the intrinsic viscosity of recycled and regranulated PET, they are widely used for BOX strapping Tapes and sheets manufacturing where some proportion of regrind PET is used. These masterbatches are also available in a Colour + Additive package.

Please feel free to speak to our technology experts for your specific needs.

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