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As good corporate citizens we are obliged to keep in mind the interests of our customers, employees, partners, vendors, communities, and ecological considerations in all aspects of our operations. These duties extend beyond the basic statutory legislative requirements. Our Corporate Social Responsibility is closely linked with the principles of Sustainable Development, which believes that enterprises should make decisions based not only on financial factors such as profits or dividends, but also based on the immediate and long-term social and environmental consequences of our activities. As we are aware of these obligations towards our people and society, we actively participate in the following activities:

Rain Water Harvesting:

At RPI, we understand the value of conserving water. As such, we have installed rain water harvesting systems at all our facilities.

Rain water harvesting is the collection and storage of rain from roofs or from a surface catchment for future use. The water is stored in rainwater tanks which recharge groundwater and prevent soil from running dry.

This water is filtered and purified and later used by our own facilities. We believe that even the smallest effort in preserving our natural resources goes a long way in the care of our environment.

Wind Power:

Rajiv has invested in Wind Energy Parks. Wind energy is a homegrown energy source that contributes to national security by reducing India's dependence on oil and natural gas-most of which are imported from other countries. In addition, unlike most of other electricity sources, wind turbines do not consume water / coal / fossil fuels. Wind power represents more than just competitive electricity. It offers:

  • Rural economic benefits from project development;
  • A hedge against volatile natural gas prices and planned use of imported liquid natural gas;
  • Cost-effective clean air compliance option for businesses and communities;
  • Strong potential partner for other domestic power industries including coal and nuclear; and
  • A renewable option for producing hydrogen for transportation fuels.

Solar Power:

At both our manufacturing sites, we have installed Solar Panels to generate and support upto 20% of our own electricity requirements. By 2025, Rajiv promises to reduce its carbon foot print further and increase its own power generation to upto 80% of the electricity requirements.

Charitable Work:

Our culture and tradition makes us believe that there is no other joy than the joy of giving. As a part of our corporate social responsibility we help the underprivileged help themselves. We support several organisations such as -

  • TATA Memorial Hospital & Cancer Research Centre
  • Child Relief & You (CRY)
  • Home for the Aged, Mumbai.
  • Cheshire Home, Mumbai.
  • Shraddha Rehabilitation Foundation
  • Narayan Seva Sansthan
  • United Charitable Organization
  • Rotary

Education & Training Programs for our employees:

The strength of any company lies in its people. As a constant effort to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of our staff, we frequently sponsor education and training programs. Group get-togethers and team building exercises ensure an environment that is highly productive, able and capable. We support the following educational programs for our employees:

  • Post Graduate Studies
  • Computer Education
  • Foreign Languages
  • Polymer & Plastic Processing Courses

Zero Waste Programs:

Rajiv is one of the few companies in its segment to consume almost every incoming packaging material through its in house recycling program. These incoming packaging materials are typically in the form of rigid or flexible are sorted, segregated and then pelletised into reusable polymer.

Solar energy

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