At Rajiv, we’re also turning high value waste into new, desirable and durable plastics. We convert and compound our own in-house waste from rigid and flexible packaging of our raw materials, enhance its properties and offer it to customers for several applications such as injection moulding and extrusion.

We also assist our customers in helping them find value from their waste. Customer material in several unusable forms such as grindings, runners, etc are compounded with several value additions as per their choice. This ranges from simple colouring and pelletizing to complicated combinations of glass fiber, uv, flame retardant, minerals, etc.

For the Recycling Industry in general, we provide the following masterbatches -

Flame Retardant Compounds

Odor Absorbing Masterbatches

Flame Retardant Compounds

Anti-Oxidant Masterbatches

Flame Retardant Compounds

Desiccant Masterbatches

Flame Retardant Compounds

MFI Modifier Masterbatches

Flame Retardant Compounds

Fragrance Masterbatches

Custom solutions are available on request.

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